Our Story!

What we do

How'd we start?

In 2019, David Joseph Starks Jr. wanted a way to spend quality time with his family and daughter, Olivia Rose. He decided a Sunday breakfast would work best, and got to work with a griddle, some bacon & eggs, and invited the family over. This continued for many Sundays, and they all looked forward to his breakfast, good company, and seeing Olivia grow up before their eyes. He was creating a tradition. Meanwhile, his job had him working in one of the greatest cities in the world. New Orleans. He would get breakfast with his brother, Daniel Ray Barber, and gloat about how supperior his breakfast was. "I keep it simple", he said, and "Breakfast has to be the best food out there." While David and Daniel ate, they'd challenge each other with ways to make millions of dollars-get rich quick schemes. With David's breakfasts being such a hit with mouths and crowds, they both agreed a breakfast restaurant was a fun but manageable venture, and Lil O's Cafe was born.

Our Breakfast

We strive to source our ingredients from sustainable and free-range farms to ensure the highest quality dishes. We also appreciate diverse palates and lifestyles, so we are proud to offer vegan and gluten free options.

Our Coffee

Coffee is a big deal for us; we know that it can be a make or break situation for our customers. We proudly serve Starbucks coffee for its rich taste and trusted name.

Locations Address Phone Number
New Orleans 123 Canal St. (504) 123-4567
New York 123 Broadway (212) 123-4567